Getting engaged is a monumental time in everyone’s life! For the one doing the proposing it is a huge moment filled with nervous emotion, some say fear (more or less fear of rejection), and getting the moment right so it is memorable.

I decided to incorporate my carving skill to help me with popping the big question. So I commenced the big moment days earlier with carving a Calla lily, which she loves, out of an old Mahogany burl. I told her I was carving it for someone else to throw her of the scent. Thankfully she bought it! After it was done and the big night was upon me i carved the date, Jan.23 2008, into the stem of the flower along with “Mona Marry Me”. This meant I had to do it that night and not chicken out or the date would be wrong if I did it another day instead.

I also carved out an engagement ring out of walnut to serve as a interim ring that she could wear until I could get my Goldsmith brother, Paul Lefebvre, to create one she could design herself.

Well everything went according to plan. I asked her while presenting her the flower and ring and she said… nothing!

She was so stunned it took a few moments to get out the “Yes”!

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