I’ve become passionate, even obsessive, about capturing the world most people rarely see – the world beneath our feet using just my iPhone and a small macro lens called an olloclip.

I started out just using my iPhone as a magnifying glass, because I was really interested to see the detail in things. My obsession grew until I was finding things everywhere, hunting them down in my backyard, at the beach, on a busy road…

I’ve found so many interesting things I’ve never seen before in my life. Keep in mind the participants in my photos are rarely larger than 1cm and I am only 1-2cm away from them! So it’s very ‘up close and personal’.

Here are just a few!

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Acrobat Beetle Doing A Handstand

Paper Daisy

Jumping Spider Wearing What Looks Like A Jester’s Hat

Caterpillar Balancing A Red Ball On The Tip Of His Nose

Palm Seed

Decaying Leaf

Raindrop On Grass Blade

Ladybirds In Love

Fishtank In A Raindrop

Jumping Spider

Butterfly On Berry


Snail On Nasturtium

Gorgeous Ladybird Beetle With A Sweet Expression

Raindrops Beading On Mussel Shell Pearlescence


Decaying Leaf