I am Eszter Kazinczy Hungarian Art Director, working in advertising. Currently I am based in Prague, Czech Republic.

This is a photo series of 12 pieces, displaying the beauty of the Czech brutalist architecture.The brutalist buildings in Czech Republic are often associated with the soviet domination period so they tend to have bad reputation. Many find the buildings to be depressing and ugly, beauty would be the last word what would came in one’s mind. Unlike me. I wanted to show the beautiful side of those interesting buildings. When I look at those geometric monstrums, I am truly impressed, I feel enchanting shiver.

Those monumental, cold and morbid concrete buildings evokes fear and wonder in the same time. I wanted to soften this feeling on my pictures with fluffy clouds, colours or other revolving harmless elements like the white pigeon which symbolizing peace.

The photos are showcasing the Hotel Thermal in Karlovy Vary, the President Hotel in Prague, the Kotva Department Store in Prague, the Žižkov Television Tower in Prague and the former Czechoslovak Federal Assembly building which is the ‘New Building’ of the Czech National Museum now, also in Prague.

More info: eszterkazinczy.com