Traditionally, the Bajau resided in small boats, sailing day and night with the currents, counting only on their fishing gear to make a living. This is how they earned the title of the “sea gipsies”. Others used to live in hiding and many still live nowadays in the middle of nowhere, on floating villages built on the coral reefs. Today, many have come ashore to live on small islands, but continue to develop their perfect knowledge of the oceans, whilst selling their fish on a small scale.

Réhahn, a french photographer, spent a few days with these sea gipsies. He will keep forever in the depths of his heart the feeling of peace and serenity that emerges from these places, of these people who have nothing in common with our lives and who live only for and by the water.

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The Bajau, the nomads of the sea, are neither recognized not accepted by the neighboring countries

They are there by choice: the choice to live in paradise, their own little paradise

The tribe has no knowledge of reading or writing

The Bajau do not know their ages

They know roughly about the concept of age but time doesn’t matter much to them, only the present moment counts

Regardless of age, everyone finds his place and helps to catch the fish

Women give birth here in their hut on stilts. Most Bajau are born, live and die on their land

Younger children are constantly on the boats, learning how to dive or swim, while those who have reached the age of about 8 years old are already busy hunting