As a child long ago, I was always a huge fan of Disney and I still am! The stories that were created from long ago starting with Walt, to the stories now teach such great lessons and brings you into a magical place of love and imagination. I exposed my children to Disney which they love and appreciate, so we decided to take some photos of their favorite characters to preserve some of their childhood memories and imagination. They enjoyed dressing up and posing. When they saw their images, they were so excited! I plan to add more to the series, but for now, enjoy and keep on the lookout for more images being added to the series.

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It all started with just a mouse and Walt

being a mouseketeer for the day

the magic of Pinnochio

Toy Story

Real life Woody

You got a friend in me

Cheshire cat

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington

inspired by Miguel from COCO

You Gotta Seize Your Moment