Internet journal posted an interesting article about photographer Jacob Cartein who takes wonderful pictures of beautiful snow-white fizzy swans. The article contains a lot of great photos and there is even a unique picture which won big prizes twice. It should be seen by everyone!

Photographer Jacob Cartein choose as the motto of his life the poetic words of William Blake, which support photorpapher’s creative way of seing life. The words tell us how important to see the great in the small things, to look at the world more widely. Since his childhood Jacob has been attracted by the world of wild fauna. He used every free minute to walk in the forest, watch the animals and their life. He has a great desire to share his impressions with other people, and then the camera became his best friend.

Jacob created a series of photos named «cygnus olor». This are snow-white fizzy swans, which loyalty is immortalized in folk art, and the silhouettes of a couple look like a form of the heart. Hymn to the beauty of nature and the greatness of swans — it all is in works of Jacob. Each photo and each swan have it’s own character, and the genuine charm of their movements in flight, on a pair is the confirmation of the grace that nature presented to them, and the photographer captures it.

“Daily underwater life” is one of the best works from the series dedicated to royal white birds. Taking pictures of the way the swan dives under the water and looks for food in the bottom sand, Jacob did not even think that this photo would become a landmark in his career. With this photo he won two prestigious competitions: he won the first prize in the category “Water” at the “Natuurpunt” photo contest and the second prize in the category “Under water” at the festival “The Lowland Photo Festival”. There is no limit to the photographer’s happiness, and the true connoisseurs of the beautiful are happy with him.

The importance of natural filming, and especially of this photo, is to show people what they will never see in everyday life. Everyone at least once admired the swans on the city pond, but very few people know the unusual things of their behavior when they are away from people – under water. The naturalist photographer is happy that he can to present to the public not only his own vision of the beauty of divine birds, but also to lift the veil of the secrets of their life. His camera brings the wild world closer to the distance of the outstretched hand, and the viewer, at least virtually, can look into the birds’ eyes, pat their proud necks.

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