Back in 2007 I decided to explore photo manipulation using long exposures and photo shop. Each day I challenged myself to push the envelope with my imagination and deliver a story that was compelling and interesting. Some of my favorites from this collection of Surreal Self Portraits are Falling Dream, Coffee Pour, and Trying to Focus.

More info:

“Falling Dream” consist of three images infused together to create the illusion of the dream state and the reality. If you look very closely you will see my cat Surreal sniffing my finger tips. I love happy accidents that are not planned and yet fall into place so perfectly.

“Coffee Pour” was inspired by the morning sunlight piercing through my blinds onto the glass coffee pot. This beam of light was the basic of the image. I set up my camera on tripod and held the coffee pot up and allowed the sunlight to shine through and highlight my eyes. I also tinted the image blue to create subconscious cool vibe and desire for something warm and awake.

“Trying to Focus” was created for pure entertainment because I was bored. My parents purchased some new furniture and needed someone to be home for the delivery. I sat around waiting for the delivery men to arrive and had nothing else to do, so I decided to create this image. I wanted to express all my different sides of my personality. There is the playful childlike humor, the girl with the rubber band gearing up to disrupt the focus. Then there’s the focused me who is oblivious to the world around me. And then there’s the me in the middle intervening to keep the peace.