I’m a composer, poet, writer, painter and photographer and work in many different styles. In photography I’m known for abstract architectural photography and high-contrast, dramatic images of spoken word artists and musicians. But lately, I have been creating these surreal worlds.

I use only my original images, Photoshop them, then process them in Google’s Deep Dreams AI, continuing Photoshopping and Dreaming until I have surreal, fantastic images that I find satisfying. I hope you will enjoy these.

More info: mmd771.wix.com

Poets Bronwen Manger and Emily Polites

Tourist, Angkor Wat

Poet Bronwen Manger

Tourist, Pre Rup, Angkor

Abstract #1

Apocalyptic Landscape #1

Surreal Landscape #1

Poet Bronwen Manger

Pre Rup, Angkor

Abstract #2

Actress Emma Kathryn

Actress Tanya

National Art Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Surreal Faces

Mannequin, Ho Chi Minh City

Da Vinci-esque

Insects On Snow

Birds Of Paradise