In my last series “Surreal Arabesque” I play with the concept of “arabesque”, which means to contrast the perfection of the “Ideal Beauty” to the extravagance of the imagination, of the fantastic chimeras, of the free figures or, more generically, all new attitudes created outside of the royalties of the ordinary.

In this new series apparently, normal images are enhanced by surreal and ironic elements: clouds ahead normal self-portrait, multiple hands spanning trees to the ends of the branches, a cat in ceramic teapots, a woman lying peacefully in a can of tuna etc.

In these images the rationality retracts itself, the logic turns in on itself and the mind becomes blurred. Dissociative combinations, absurd compositions, situations in the balance between the dream and the wildest imagination, all in the clear and immediate receptivity of visible thought that the Photography moves in the picture”.