It’s my second post dedicated to all kinds of wonderful animals living on our planet. You know, when I hear and read how people can be cruel, stupid, cocky, full of arrogance to the world we live in, I personally do feel ashamed. I feel sad as well, that I have to be part of that species.

Don’t get me wrong, I only wish to live in fully eco-educated society. Of course I’m not a saint neither, I have huge gas engine in my car, I need plenty of energy everyday, like everybody, so I need some changes too. But one thing for me was always clear – I will fight anyone who kills animals. I do not accept that. I do not have any respect for those who don’t have respect for mother nature.

With help of my manipulations I’d like to say NO for all cruelness going on around us against animals. Just STOP. Come on, are we really this bad? Can’t we change? Hope we can, because our nature is dying because of us. Wake up people!

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