My main artistic expression is photography. I like precision and focus. I guess that explains why the watercolor and gouache work of Jim Blanchard appeals to me.

On a recent visit to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, I marveled at the exhibition they had on Blanchard’s work.

These are very often expansive works at least 2 feet by 3 feet and laden with details and rich color. If you love exploring a piece of art inch by inch while being constantly rewarded with some new detail or fascinating ornament, you’ll enjoy his work.

These snaps with my phone do NOT do them justice. I highly encourage you to see some of his work in person. The images he had on his website gallery also do not adequately showcase his immense talent.

In this show, there were works of stately homes, humble homes, grand buildings, and much more.

If you’re curious, my wife–a watercolorist–explained to me what gouache is. It’s basically thick, opaque watercolor pigmented paint unlike the more translucent, ephemeral medium we typically think of for watercolor paint.

I apologize for most of these being off center. I had to avoid glass glare. Any lackluster appearance in these paintings is all on my part. They are all iPhone snaps in a challenging lighting environment.

More info:

“Tezcuco” 2015

“Tezcuco” 2015. Detail

“Tezcuco” 2015. Detail

“Woodlawn” 2009

“Woodlawn” 2009. Detail

“Constancia ‘Uncle Sam'” 1999

“Constancia ‘Uncle Sam'” 1999. Detail

“Constancia ‘Uncle Sam'” 1999. Detail

“Evergreen” 2017

“Evergreen” 2017. Detail

“Southern Yacht Club” 2003

“Southern Yacht Club” 2003. Detail