Following the last interior trends, I noticed that the straight lines, bright colors and strict design are very popular these days. That’s why it’s very hard to find something to decorate the room and, at the same time, leave within the frames. However, at least one thing can solve the problem: Have You ever heard about fairy gardens?

To tell the long story short, it is a garden which is so tiny that can even fit in a cup. Oh, that was a chance for me! You know me, I am always searching for the new places to ‘plant’ my polymer clay succulents (my friends often laugh at me, saying that soon I would make, eat and even sleep with succulents (as for me, it’s an interesting idea to have a succulent-shaped bed, isn’t it?) Unfortunately (or no?), I am not so crazy now, that’s why I stopped at tiny gardens in terrariums and cups.

Actually, what I want to propose You, are my polymer clay succulents which can be used as fairy garden suppliers. You can plant them in a cup or terrarium (you can get one here), or somewhere else! I make succulents by hand, without using any molds, that’s why every succulent is unique.

These terrariums and cups will ideally match any interior, especially modern and minimalistic one, which shouldn’t include lots of details. Welcome!

More info: Etsy

You can get these succulents on Etsy