I have been searching for my Muse for weeks (previously I told You about my succulent ‘mania’). I have done a lot of succulent necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, hair combs. I badly needed something new! Something that can combine my love to plants and creativity. I was thinking about it days and nights and finally – eureka! – I realized that the decision was really easy: I have to help young people get married! How? I would create the cute ring boxes, decorated with succulents and flowers.

However, the realization of my idea was not easy at all. I was not able to find the acceptable boxes to decorate: I searched in many handmade stores in my native city. Yes, there were boxes, but they were so featureless and uninteresting, that I didn’t dare to buy them.

Finally, I have found a talented craftsman, who worked with wood. I asked him to cut several boxes for me just to try them. And when I got them, I was amazed. Wood was perfect, the colour of wood was perfect, and forms were perfect. The boxes were cut and polished by hand. To work with such masterpieces was a real satisfaction. I decorated several boxes and loved them a lot! So I ordered more boxes. Now I have something like a little ring box collection. Materials I used are really reliable and firm. Everything is 100% handmade.

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You can purchase these boxes on my Etsy shop.