Like many people, I’ve always felt a strong connection to my past, and it’s that fondness or wistful affection for my past which compels me to explore the themes and artifacts of that time.

While seemingly simple, it’s finding that perfect pairing between material and pop-culture reference to reinforce the relationship between time and technology, and how this rapid shift drives the “nostalgia generation”, of which I belong.

When I first started playing Pokémon Yellow, it was in 1999, and now in 2016, children are playing Pokémon GO on their smartphones; a piece of technology thousands of times more powerful than my old Game Boy Colour.

What’s funny is that, while the technology may change, clearly we’re still connected through our love of these characters and the challenge set to “catch them all”.

This was installed on the side of the old RSL building in Semaphore, South Australia.

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Pixel Pokemon 2