Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, offers you some of the most exciting metro rides in Europe or what they call “world’s longest art exhibition”. Most of the city’s metro stations host some beautiful underground artwork, which makes every stop very unique and different. Tourists may consider this as their first introduction to the country’s history of art. One of them, Russian IT specialist Alexander Dragunov, shares his Stockholm underground experience through his stunning photos of the Solna Centrum station, where massive cave-like installations were created by Anders Aberg and Karl-Olov Bjor back in 1970s.

With the first proper metro line opened in 1950, the first piece of underground art was introduced in 1957. Today, around 90 stations out of 100 showcase works of art of almost 150 artists. Consider that this whole underground gallery stretches up to 110 kilometers! The whole concept has to do with a continuous debate about art in Sweden, which has been going on since the 19th century. Different ways to bring art closer to the public were considered, and the opening of the metro lines was seen as a perfect space to fulfill the goal. Enjoy your rides while you’re in Stockholm!