Diane Savona tells the history of communication with a needle and thread. Her tablets tell stories of libraries destroyed, manuscripts hidden and discovered, information shared and disseminated. She designs each one in Photoshop, combining and refiguring images found online. Diane prints the images on cloth, hand-paints them with dyes, and embroiders them. Just like ancient ceramic tablets, these tablets hold information, but in cloth, not clay. 

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1 The Scribes Tablet

M2. Palm Leaf Manuscripts Tablet

3 The Cairo Genizah Tablet

4 The Louvain Library Tablet

5 The Medieval Beastiary Tablet

6 The Fox news Tablet

7 The Flood Tablet

8 The Timbuktu Tablet

9 On Ancient Maps Tablet

10 Memes Tablet

11 Moveable Type Tablet

12 The Stained Glass Tablet