Personal fan art project inspired by the mood and some scenes from the Blade Runner 2049 movie.

The scenes with orange fog became the most famous part of all movie. Been used for so many posters and screensavers.

Really love them.

I decided to recreate that effect in miniature using my Star Wars scale models and figures. That’s why I called my project Star Runner 2049. Sweet mix of two worlds.

The full project with making of at my Behance gallery.

More info:

Scene 1. X-Wing landing in the desert

Scene 2. Where Luke Skywalker leaves his ship and go further alone

Scene 3. Luke see the mountains on the horizon. The place he was looking for

Scene 4. Skywalker finally found the entrance to Jedi Temple

Bts for scene 3

Creating the landscape

Bts for image 4

Lighting test