Hi there! My name is Marcel. I am a spunky Romanian kid who likes to ramble and discover the old and new Constanta and its whereabouts. Follow me through my journey.

Author’s edit: The ”Spunky” is a toy made by Arădeanca factory between 1970-1989 in the series of lookalikes during the communist era of Romania. It is in a very good condition, considering its age.

The way factories all over the world thought of their product’s quality has changed nowadays, also in Romania. The Arădeanca factory has gone bankrupt in 2013.

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The great Casino of Constanta and its promenade, left to rot by both central and local authorities

The “Ion Jalea” Museum of Sculpture, Constanta

A look at the Black sea, at “Modern” Promenade, downtown Constanta

The Acvarium near the Casino

The Dragon’s Fountain in Constanta is a masterpiece of a great architect

Constanta’s old courthouse (Tribunal), former royal residence during summertime

„Şuţu” Villa – the most beautiful building of Constanta. It is the old building of Constanta’s highest courthouse (Appeal Court)

One of the oldest commercials on walls, after the 1989’s revolution

Nowadays kids seem to like me, although I am older than their parents

The Museum of Traditional Art, in Constanta

The old muslim mosque in Constanta. We live in peace and harmony with muslims, they reach 12% of the entire county’s population

An old car from communist era: the russian Volga

The statue of Ovidiu, a well known roman poet, another symbol of Constanta

At the Energia Factory, in Constanta. It got bankrupt and it’s a ruin now

Energia Factory – a place to dump all you can

The sunset of Energia Factory

Energia Factory. It was the first time I saw puppies this sad

In Eforie Sud, an old rotten building of knitware

This old and small place is still in business in Eforie Sud. They repair shoes

At the beach in Eforie Nord, near Constanta, preparing for the summer

We took the train from Eforie Nord to Neptun, both old summer resorts in Constanta County

Travelling to Neptun, with one of my friends

Feeling like a Sultan on this bench in Neptun

The Miorita Hotel in Neptun. Communism is still here

On my way back from Neptun. What a ride!

In Techirghiol, with the symbol of the town: very old Techir and his donkey

The old catholic church in Techirghiol (Biserica Nemteasca), build by old germans in 1924

On a wild beach in the southern part of the county. She seems to like me

With my friend Cornel, in Eforie Nord, on the beach

With Cornel, at Mamaia resort. Mamaia is a part of Constanta city, a place of very mixed-up restaurants and architectural “styles”

Enjoying summer with my friend Cornel

Shadows and concrete. A revival of the communism era

An abandoned car near the Constanta’s trainstation

Playing hide and seek with Amanda (my friend from Cameroon), on a wild beach in Constanta County that has pillboxes from WW II

They said it is forbidden to enter the boat. Not for us!

At the Matei’s Fishery, in Agigea

With the YashicaMat, almost the same age as me and the beautiful Casino, 31.12.2015