I’m Abe Calendar, Spirits of Dune is a world I am creating, designing, painting and writing. A fantasy world composed of various elements from Mesoamerican mythology and folklore. The journey follows Manu and his spirit animal, a Nahual, on their quest to escape the Mayan purgatory.


“The night the gods left the earth, the sky was filled with thunder, rain, fire, and darkness for an eternity. When the storm passed, all that was left was the Dune. Souls marched aimlessly as the sand erased their memories. But somewhere deep in the desert, there was an awakening of hope to free the spirits from the Dune.”

As a Mexican immigrant, I wanted to share my experience combining elements of mythology and transformation through pilgrimage. Spirits of Dune speaks to underlying narratives of immigration and self-reflection as a mean to discover one’s inner power, spiritual awakening, and courage.

I am currently working as an illustrator and Art Director in Los Angeles.

More info: abecalendar.com | Instagram