Japan is known worldwide for their imaginative hotels, but this one may have gone a little too far. It’s a spherical ‘capsule’ hotel room that floats on the water, and people on the Internet are having mixed reactions to it.

The floating Mizukami Hotel was designed by Netherlands-inspired theme park Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki, and includes beds, toilets, and showers. “The room is the same as ordinary hotels, 36 to 38 square meters, about 4 people will be able to stay,” stated Hideo Sawada, president of Huis Ten Bosch. The capsule slowly drifts toward an island which the company recently purchased and is renovating into a resort, and is slated to be open for business next winter.

Users of Japanese online news source Matome News commented varying opinions on the capsule, with some fearing they may “wake up in the morning washed up in North Korea”. If you’d like a turn inside this claustrophobic orb, it’ll cost you around $300 a night. Watching Titanic during your journey is not recommended.

More info: Matome News (Translated from Japanese)