I’m a self taught artist living i n WIldwood, AB. I draw, craft, build, paint, do graphic design, sculpt, perform and teach. My passion is creating large, super textured, sculptural, interactive, auditory paintings. I’ve had a lot of different names for my marble track paintings over the years but “Roller Coasters” seems to describe them the best. They symbolize the different paths we take in life, always surprising, twisting and turning. These monuments I create are to show you how beautifully messy the adventure is. We are all here for the ride, and it can be fun and amazing if you let it be. There is no handbook or manual that will teach you confidence. Only you can do this through being yourself and accepting who you are. I would like to inspire people to go against what people tell you is right, what people tell you is safe, and just live your life how you see fit. At the time you don’t understand what you’re doing but in the end you realize what you have done.

More info: garrettplummer.com