Memes, memes, everywhere!

And here comes more memes, this time from SPCA. The organisation championing animal welfare has created a series of GIF memes – featuring real adoptable shelter animals.

The project, ‘Adopt A Meme’, introduces GIF memes starring a mix of dogs, cats and a rabbit up for adoption.

As with other memes, these are shareable as responses in social media conversations. And each time you use these, you help spread the word for our furry friends.

‘Adopt A Meme’ was created in collaboration with creative agency DDB Singapore, to help its message of adoption break through the social media clutter – filled with millions of selfies, funny videos and other fun stuff. With these memes, SPCA hopes its adoption announcements will be shared more widely and rapidly, so the animals can be quickly re-homed.

Bonus fact: The memes were not randomly created, but instead, crafted to reflect each animal’s personality. This helps people understand that shelter animals too have character, just like those from pet shops.


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