When we talk about auroras, we usually mean the Northern Lights but this time an amateur photographer captured them on the other side of the globe! The stunning color display illuminated Australia’s skies, and Philip Dubbin recorded everything in a dazzling timeline.

Dubbin, 53, is an IT worker by day but one night he headed to the Mushroom Reef in Melbourne, along the Mornington Peninsula. “Watching the aurora is such a relaxing but awe-inspiring sight,” Philip told Daily Mail. “Especially on a calm and clear night – though we don’t get the bright colors by eye unless it’s a huge storm.” That night he even caught a shooting star in the background.

This magical visual phenomenon is described as the southern hemisphere’s own version of the Northern Lights. It occurs when electrically charged electrons and protons speed up across the Earth’s magnetic field and ‘collide’ with neutral atoms in the top layer of the atmosphere.

More info: vimeo (h/t)