This carving, that I called ‘My little Sith Preschooler”, was meant to capture the essence of my two sons, Charlie and Oliver’s, love for Star Wars. Although Oliver was the only one of the two that would stay still and model for me.

I was lucky enough to get a piece of red cedar big enough to carve this to scale and freeze in time the actual size of my four-year-old Sith in training.

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A very big and intimidating piece of red cedar to start out with!

I skinned it and made my first few massive cuts to get rid of excess material

Developing the shape of his back and finding where the legs are

Sectioned out the mask, his bum and his thighs

Starting to find out where his hands and feet should be and adding more shape to his hair and face

Detailed everything except his fingers and toes. All that’s left is to sand him down smooth

Final details and sanding done! All ready for some stain!

And done