I started making soap several years ago and I still enjoy this process! I love experimenting with new forms and selecting colors for pieces of soap so it looks beautiful and vivid.

Mainly there are two types of handmade soap: the first one is made from scratch and the second is made from soap base. I prefer the second type because it allows you to get vibrant colors and you can use any plastic forms that you want, so practically you have a lot of opportunities in making decorative soap.

I always try to get realistic colors for my pieces of soap especially while making slices of tangerines, strawberries and so on. It’s a very interesting process and it reminds me of painting with watercolors – sometimes you just have to mix different liquid pigments to get the color you need. And the other time you can try to get right color by adding different soap layers with different pigments (just like watercolor glazing techniques!)

So here are some examples of my decorative soap, I hope you’ll like it!

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Flaky pastry

Chocolate candies

Lily flower

Cookies with berries


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