I wouldn’t believe it was real unless I saw it myself.

At first, all smiles

It all started with some ice cream. Prior to heading to the Bronx for a pending interview with Damatrix Studios, Brittany Bloom stopped at Mikey’s Ice Cream in Harlem. The spot has been getting a lot of attention on social media and the place apparently made everyone smile after taking a bite. Brittany needed to see this for herself being the curious southern belle she is. The “foxy Brown” ice cream she selected led her to busting out into a rendition right there in the palorWhile enjoying her visit to New York, Brittany Bloom was fascinated with an Ice Cream Parlor in Harlem gaining significant buzz on social media. Being the southern belle she is, Brittany Bloom explored the “Foxy Brown” ice cream.

Brittany Bloom covers “A Lovely Day” in Harlem

While tasting “foxy Brown” for the first time Brittany decides to jump into a rendition of a song she likes to sing when she feels good. Mikey was present and by his reaction he was very pleased.

Blooming at Coney Island

Beach and NYC is not usually not package together, but when it is as historic as Coney Island one can make an exception. Brittany decided after Harlem, it is only right she discover the well-documented culture of Brooklyn.

Times Square

Standing out in New York is easy if you are confident. New York has the toughest crowds, the fastest sarcasm, and provides the best opportunity to get humiliated. Brittany Bloom didn’t know why, but she wanted to go somewhere “touristy”. Identifying Times Square as one of the locations folk from her hometown would admire she made her way there. The big hair, bright smile, brown skin, and overall wholesome look made all photographers in the area take notice.

Tears of relief

However, New York is unforgiving. There were a group of kids running around. The kids knocked the camera out of the hands of the man in the photograph. He looked visibly shattered like his lens. Brittany identified this right away. With only her talent to offer him, she sung to him, only him. A young lady who thrives off of large crowds paying attention took the time to notice a photographer who appeared to be at his wits end. The moment was captured and an embrace was shared between the two. The camera was still damaged, but he found a brief solution to continue to take photos throughout the night. He is an immigrant who took the risk of staying to chase his dreams of taking photos. A broken camera would devastate him beyond repair.

Image credits: www.instagram.com