After 9 months of travel on a footbike, solo and unsupported, living outdoors in autonomy, me, Blandine aka “La Trottineuse”, a 33 years old French woman, have just reached the North Cape in the Arctic Norway, an unprecedented event.

Actually kicking a Europe Tour by footbike (more than 20 countries already explored), a world premiere, I have left job and apartment, as well as sold my belongings, to go on a quest for the good life, in an epic athletic challenge based on humanism and solidarity.

Camping in the wild, living on little, mostly from the generosity of people met on the road and thanks to donations of the followers of the adventure, I have set a goal in trying to spread awareness about alternative ways of living and travelling.

I’m also raising funds for a charity implementing and experimenting a cooperative restaurant and a farm-village, in Normandy, where I started the tour. My attempt at an adventure gathering solidarity-based principles, a search for personal ethics and a political impact will lead me to publish a book, and surely, to other crazy journeys, as I now consider this is my “authentic life”.

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Wild camp in Finland

In Arctic Norway, on the way to Nordkapp

Footbike and reindeer in Arctic

Wild camp in Norway, near Finnish border

Meditation in a Norwegian Fjord

Getting back from Nordkapp

End of the world, northernmost tip of continental Europe

Crazy winds in the Arctic lands and waters

Summer in Norway, remote village

Nearly there!

Up a cliff for the night, Norway

A tent as a home for every night

Kick and eat…

Fog at the top of a felt, Finland

Eat and kick, Finland

Getting past the Arctic Circle, Finland

The simple wild life

White night in Finland

Fields like green oceans in summer, Finland

Eating healthy on the road, with a puuko (Finnish blade)

Some rest after a hard day, Finnish forest

Kilometers are adding up…

Finnish forest for a perfect bivouac