Georgie Poulariani a Self-Taught Sculptor from Spain, creates amazing art using scrap metal. After he discovered his talent to see shapes and forms he began creating different types or art with scrap metal. He left his Job and currently works as a full-time sculptor. You can see his Gallery in Benissa (Alicante, Spain) and you can go to his website “” to see more of his artwork. His favorite slogan is: “In the name of art, Made with love.”

More info:

Female Metal Torso “Broken”

Metal Face Sculpture “Bubuye”

Metal Skull Sculpture “Still Breathing”

Metal Flamingo “Flamingi”

Metal Lion Sculpture “Guillermo”

Metal Lion Sculpture “Guillermo”

Metal Torso Sculpture “Golden Body”

Metal Abstract Sculpture “Galaxy”

Metal Abstract Sculpture “Plasma”

Metal Sculpture “Tower”

Metal Abstract Body Sculpture “Frozen”

Metal Dragon Sculpture “Draco”

Metal Octopus Sculpture “Octo”

Sculptor Georgie Poulariani’s Metal Sculptures and Artwork