Finally, two years later, I finished the “blue planet” art installation. Generally, I’m fond of making animal sculptures, but this time I added woman sculpture as well. I hammered and welded more than 20,000 metal pieces. In this installation, I create dynamic figures and give attention to the environmental destruction, how human beings destroy the world, so I placed a human hand at the bottom of the arranged piece to signify it is the root cause. As for those beasts, they represent a chaotic force, the power of destruction. A lurking vulture waits nearby, hoping to eat the other animals after they die. The woman holds her hand on a blue planet as if to save everything; she symbolizes hope and grace that’s needed to save us from this peril. I hope you’ll appreciate my long and hard work. You can find more of my projects and artworks on the links below, as well as some featured articles on Bored Panda like this one or this.

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The beast of Chaos

The welding process

Swallows, a vulture, a penguin, and a hand of a person

A penguin and a hand

The vulture

Beauty and the beast


The ensemble