A bit about us: we are a brother and sister that have had cats since we were little, and 3 years ago, we started to rescue abandoned cats from our city and from neighboring villages.

We spay/neuter all our cats and many more too, over 200+ cats and 30+ dogs in the last 3 years, all from our own money, but right now, we’ve reached a point where it’s impossible for us to help these animals from what we earn. That’s why we’ve started this non-profit organization.

More info: romaniacatrescue.com | Facebook | youtube.com | Patreon

We mostly need help with cat food as of right now

We have 188 cats, some very sick, some with dietary restrictions

We also cook for them, and for the food that we buy, we try to get the best that we can

Medicine and treatments for the sick cost much more than good food that would prevent them from getting ill

Any help with cat food or small donations would be very welcome!

If you could kindly consider donating to us, please check our website or social media links that were listed at the beginning of the post!