An art project that was turned into a photo project that turned into a calendar project. Over something like a three month time frame myself and another artist Jesse Lindsay worked out the details of wardrobe and set up for such a big photo shoot. We did it as a workshop over a couple of days and it worked out really really great! Jesse constructed this huge array of wardrobes weapons shields and really pretty and unique jewelry. Lots of skulls lace and feathers since our characters were going to be in what was in our mind a post apocalyptic world where people had become inhuman and vampires walked the earth again. It became Wastelanders vs Vampires on many levels with constructs of other civilizations in-between. We successfully pulled off the shoots and edited in the right time frame. Crowdfunded the calendar in less than the expected time frame.

Now we have this beautiful calendar that only a few hundred have really had the opportunity to see and we’d like to share it with the rest of the world. Especially since it seems so relevant currently. We joked around about the state of the world and what it would look like if we “messed” it up one day. Looking around I’m not so sure that’s not that far off, And judging by some of the issues our characters faced in their tribes I can say man/woman kind is up to their neck in the same issues. I’ve made 2 other calendars in years past and this is the first I’ve given the characters a narrative. I wanted their to be a story behind the images. Not to mention Jesse and I are both into hiding stuff in our imagery so there is that to. Thank you to all the models and other collaborative artist who worked on this project with us as well as the collectors and the fans who love and support the art we make.

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