It was in 2016. I had a family by that time and 3 years old son. I am that type of person that cannot stay still in one place. I went on the way of the least resistance; I desperately wanted to make money being in a parental leave. So I began to sell things ordering them from China. Then through the social networks they found their owners. For certain period I liked that. But all this time I was concerned by one question “Is it all? Is it all what I am able to do? Is it all what I can give to the world, to the people? Except useless clothes that will be thrown away and will be forgotten??!! And it is only for the sake of that money that I earned getting irritated…. ”

But I did not have any other solution. At that moment our family rented apartment with a young child on hands. I felt myself useless! Then I made first attempts to create. That was making flowers from fabric. Now I remember with a smile how I walked in a frosty weather with a baby carriage to the market to choose suitable fabric and accessories for the so-called my first attempts to do something nice. I didn’t have enough experience. And most of all I was stopped by fear!! Fear to lose what I had already, to lose my already running small business that brought me money!! By a set of circumstances one of my client was a girl engaged in floristry. And she opened a school of hand- made flowers in our city. I remember when she came to pick her ordered red bag. At that moment I thought “What a talent she is! I want to be the same!” And then I decided to try. I entered for the first initial course. At the beginning, me the same as others in our group didn’t do well with the lessons. But I didn’t give up. I tried it over and over. I entered more new lessons! I worked out a technique, rubbed callosities, hurt myself with a hot glue pistol!! I remember first attempts to sell works. It concerned me a lot. And again my Fear stopped me. Fear that I wouldn’t not succeed and I would remain with nothing!!

My life was changed by a small city in a sunny Italy San Remo – a city of flowers.

My sister lived there for some time and we were happy to visit this place. She invited us to her as guests and paid for our trip. When I got in this “another world” in my head everything turned over. I came back home another person and all values became into its places. All decisions were made. And fear went away on a background! I decided to operate!! I recollected about my good friend that continued to work instead of me in my business of selling clothes. So I was able to go in a creative work not afraid of remaining without money if I would not succeed. My teacher, that girl with a red bag, became the best friend for me. Now we gladly discuss new projects together, share experience!! And the main thing is – I AM HAPPY!!

I am very happy that I can present to the world the particle of my soul, warmth of my hands which make unique things.

My handiworks are bought by clients not only from Ukraine but also by people from all over the world. I am very responsible in my work. For each client I create an individual design. I work with different materials, plastic suede, polymeric clay, beads! My works differ in an exclusive design, they have the style and handwriting. I would say that it is a romantic style! Every product I create from the very beginning, captiously work out all little things and details. I get enormous pleasure from what I do! Basic direction in my work is fadeless wedding floristry: combs, buttonhole, bracelets for witnesses, floral hairpin.

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Coral luxury

Gold bridal crown

Boutonniere kalla-marsala

Zephyr roses on elastic bands

Wedding set juicy greens

Candy-set boutonniere-bracelet

Mom-daughter peonies

Red and Gold Earrings Earrings

Hairpin rose gold

Rustic hair

Rustic hairpins

Ivory peonies

Wedding botanic style

Blue-white wedding

Wedding set

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