People from Kretinga city and region situated in the Lithuanian seacoast showed an impressive act of unity. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Restoration of Independence of Lithuania, more than 700 Samogitians united for a sentimental patriotic initiative – to raise 30 tricolours in 30 different urban and regional places.

The making of the video of this Kretinga residents‘ national initiative started exactly a month before March 11. However, the initial idea to have 30 tricolours were surpassed almost a hundredfold.

Faces in the video include those of Franciscan Friars, Kretinga nuns and missionaries, firefighters, medics, policemen, scouts, clergy, sportsmen, librarians, naturalists, artists, teachers, pupils, preschoolers and many others. The youngest patriot in the video is 5 years old, the oldest – 92.

The head of Kretinga district municipality Culture and Sports department Dalia Činkienė claims that people were very active: “They have been calling, offering ideas on how to congratulate Lithuania in original ways, adorned themselves with national accessories. Parents dressed themselves and their children in the colours of the tricolour.”

The video includes sights from Imbarė and Kartena mounds, the manor house of counts Tiškevičiai, Partisan burial site in Žvainiai village, Kretinga district municipality fire department, refectory of the Franciscan monastery, Kretinga manor confectionary, modern M. Valančius public library of Kretinga district municipality, Kretinga primary care centre, City Hall square, and other most beautiful places in Kretinga region.

“The old Curonian land. Magnificent mounds that still remember their spirit and are kept alive by skilful hands. What would they be without people who are so in love with their region?” – such words are being said in the video. “The sight of this yellow-green-red group of youth inspires to shout “Let the unity blossom!”, and a lump of joy gets stucks in the throat“.

D. Činkienė says that this video not only congratulates Lithuania on the country‘s 30 years of independence but also gives a beautiful example of unity and love for Lithuania from people living in small Lithuanian cities.

And this is not the first proof of Kretinga residents’ unity. Last year, while implementing the project “Kretinga of the Future”, almost 200 youngsters showed a variety of their talents and an impressive youth involvement in the region. In 2018, during the project “Miniature Kretinga” around 200 young people created hand-made miniature models of historical Kretinga buildings.