Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada is well known mostly because of a wild population of horses that has lived on the island since the 1750s. But there is a lot more to this island of sand than just horses. Perhaps unknown to many, the island is a hot-spot for migratory birds and home to the Ipswich sparrow, a bird that breeds almost exclusively on Sable Island.

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The Ipswich sparrow, endemic to Sable Island

Greater black-back gulls are common visitors to the island

During December-January, the Bohemian waxwing often appears in small flocks

For several months, this snowy owl lived on the island; a spectacular bird

Sanderlings are common along the shores of Sable Island

An infrequent visitor, a barn swallow on the fence


Undecided, the yellow-rumped warbler

Sanderlings…on the shoreline

Sparrow on a wire

The focus of my photography is waiting for perceptions to arise. This image of an Ipswich sparrow sitting on a wire fence is so simple but powerful; the delicate water droplet hanging from the wire provides a sense of time.

Sanderlings and surf

This image was taken shortly after a strong winter storm. The line of sanderlings has the same shape as the crashing surf.

Greater black-back gulls

This is one of my favourite images. These birds are a ferocious scavenger and predator. Here, they are elegant and serene, flying above a snow covered dune.