Ruth Grace Wong wants what we all want. When surrounded by IRL trolls, she just wants a way to say “zip it”. That’s why she designed the “Leave Me Alone” Sweater. Most of the time it’s an unassuming, otherwise professional-looking, cozy sweater, but with a secret weapon. You can zip it entirely over your head, to say “Leave Me Alone” in a way that’s louder than any words.

When her design for the “Leave Me Alone” Sweater went viral last year, people around the world wanted to buy one. The catch was, it wasn’t for sale, it was free! Well, as long as you were willing to follow Ruth’s designs and make your own. Sadly, we don’t all share Ruth’s keen ambition.

To meet demand, Ruth went out and taught herself everything she could about large scale garment manufacturing. To go from maker-hobbyist with a sewing machine to production powerhouse, she toured factories in China, went to trade shows in LA, took a production sewing bootcamp, read books, listened to podcasts, took courses, and partnered with industry experts. Now the “Leave Me Alone” Sweater is ready for made-in-USA production with local manufacturers and high quality eco-conscious fabrics lined up and ready to go.

If all that isn’t enough to make you want to shake Ruth’s hand, then maybe you really do need this sweater.

More info:

Easily opens and shuts for as-needed access to the outside world

The “Leave Me Alone” Sweater in action

“Leave Me Alone” Mode

It even has thumb holes!

Creator Ruth Grace Wong sporting her “Leave Me Alone” Sweater