I’ve been thinking about creating a penguin for a long time. These creatures are funny for me but at the same time graceful and elegant. The royal penguin catched my eye. He seemed to be the perfect one to realise my ideas.

While I was holding an old motorcycle lamp housing in my hand, the idea came – it will be the main part of the body! The rest came itself. I didn’t try to copy the exact proportions of the body, I wanted to make it as funny animated cartoon character or something like that and my fantasies became reality. The royal penguin stands on the transparent floe with dignity, looking into the distance as if knowing exactly where the next hole will be drilled…

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Royal penguin

Coffee man

This is my new project, called “Coffee Man” It was inspired by the “Kenwood” kitchen blender which was of the perfect shape for me. I also used the aluminum teapot. The gadget on the back which is naturally used for spraying paint, in this project was used to supply milk. I took wheels from “Singer” sewing machine. To make a bigger impression, various radio equipment switches were used. This “Coffee Man” is portable and will definitely give you great mood.

Piggy bank

This is funny piggy bank.
I create from various metal parts

Vintage radio car

This is an old radio. It was one of the most massive produced 4 class radios in 1952. Unfortunately, only corps remained. It is made of a metal sheet.