Working at a dog rescue center, there is nothing better than watching you babes grow healthy, strong and loved.

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Darcy before adoption

Hard to believe he grew so big!

Darcy after adoption

Darcy and his mum, love at the first sight!


Darcy’s litter mat. We thought they where Chihuahua’s.


Didn’t grow up to be the wolfhound as we thought she was.

Coupe (a deaf boy)

Love his spots.

Crazy Eye

Cant grow out of craziness.

Koolie in QLD



What a Christmas miracle.


One cool dude.

A 2 year battle to keep you alive. Now happy and healthy.


Adopted and brought back to a vineyard.

Milly (blind)

It brings tears to my eyes seeing her so happy now.

An Australian Cattle dog.