Gik, the startup formed by five twenty-year-olds that wanted to revolutionize the most traditional industry in their country, gets denounced by the Spanish wine lobby to make this creation disappear. The product -that is already known as world’s first blue wine- is currently being sold after smart changes in the composition that don’t alter the taste, nor the color. Now it is 99% wine and 1% grape must, and can be bought at

When I read about this in some media around Spain, I couldn’t just sign the petition. So I decided to share the whole story.

After a couple of years working on their project, thanks to which they have sold around 100.000 bottles, they were denounced by the Spanish wine lobby. According to them, Gik can’t be considered a wine, as legally, there is not a category for a product with those characteristics.

“It’s unfair, because Gik is 100% grape, but it represents something new with no historical background”, said one representative to El Pais. In view of that, the entrepreneurs have launched a signature petition to fight for their righteous place in the industry. I have already signed it, and if you are interested in supporting them too, here you have it:

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