It is a great work of RED LIPSTICKGifted Women drowned in everyday life and working forever Before&After Photo Project from Turkish traveler who constantly travels to different countries and takes photos and gives himself the name “@menscapes” in the instagram.

Certainly, we know that your true beauty does not begin with lipstick. But red lipstick means women, women mean life.

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The woman when asked if you would like to use red lipstick and said “I sometimes go to parties”

The woman who works in the factory and after lipsticking, smiles secretly from the director

The woman who is street saleswoman to raise three daughters … (We gave lipstick for her daughters, too)

The naive woman who is selling mandala patterned fabrics under the scorching sun and asking if she can keep the red lipstick

The woman who collects 30 kg of tea a day and has to carry bags for kilometers

The woman colorful as her fruit counter and could not stand to laugh after lipsticking

The most elegant woman in the tea field