Recently, the artist Luciana Belinky from São Paulo, Brazil, had one of her drawings recognized by the living legend of Rock Paul McCartney, who shared the work on instagram and facebook. That shows the quality and sensibility of the artist, who learned all alone and loves to draw.

Born in a family very connected to art, her passion just started in childhood. Today with 26 years old, Belinky tells that was always interested in realistic drawings, and that was through a YouTube video that she could improve her work, learning new techniques until reach the result that you can see in the pictures.

To find inspiration, she reveals that hasn’t a specific place: can be on the street, in a movie, theater, music, or any other situation that inspires her. Focused on people and human expressions, Luciana Belinky tells to Acta MUNDI that she looks for significant and intense images, like the draw of Hugh Laurie, one of hers favorite color picture.

“My job is inspired in a transposition of picture to drawing, a particular vision of how to expose those colors, those traces. I also put myself in the picture portrayed because in it is my look.”

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