Maria Suarez Inclan is a freelance Illustrator, Art Director and Graphic designer currently living in London. This “Hollywood Kits” art print series, available in her Curioos shop: , highlights her passion for great movie directors and is the result of hours and hours of watching movies and picking out references that are sometimes obvious and most times, not so obvious, from some of Hollywood’s greatest director’s body of work. Will you recognize all the objects?

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“It’s been difficult to choose all the objects and most iconic stuff from each movie but It has been really beneficial for me as a film lover. I had the chance to watch LOTS of films I hadn’t watched before and now I feel that I know way more about the way each of them make their films. I got to analyze the way each director uses color, objects, clothes in their movies and how these things can make a movie way more unforgettable. Hopefully this project is well received among cinephiles because it’s the best way I have to make a huge tribute to the people that create the amazing worlds we all love.” – Maria.

Full series available in Maria’s Curioos shop: