Years ago my wife and I went to get a pumpkin to carve but we had waited too long and there were no pumpkins left. We vowed that the next year we were going to carve so many pumpkins. That began our tradition of carving many pumpkins every year. These are the pumpkins we’ve carved in 2017.

Tom Petty

This pumpkin had a layer of blueish-greenish flesh under the orange and I decided to use it to use that to make baby Cookie Monster

David Bowie

I carved the Las Vegas sign with a cross for every person killed in the terrorist attack.

Pennywise from “IT”

Technically this isn’t a carving but it is made of pumpkins and who doesn’t love BB-8?

Eleven from “Stranger Things”

Princess Peach

I Am Groot



Shaggy and Scooby-Doo


My grandfather

Denver Broncos

Scary Clown


Kylo Ren

Sometimes a cigar is just a pineapple core.

Logo for an art gallery in Kansas City

Captain Hook

Fred Flintstone

Trick or Treat

My niece likes her sock monkey and she kept taking the sock monkey into the bathroom to poop.

So I added a Poop Emoji

Edward Scissorhands



Beak ’em Hawks

Who? Owls that’s who!


A watermelon just for fun.

Ben Ten

For a girl named Jill




Max from Where the Wild things are

Genie from Aladdin

Just a design I liked