As a tribute to one of the legendary popart and music icons, I took the chance to make a series of digital collages featuring some of the album covers and single artworks of the late Prince.

I combined Prince’s album cover arts with classical paintings from the different art periods. It is my small way of giving homage to a great figure in the music and arts who made a major impact, not only to me, but to a lot of people from different generation and location. This is part of my ongoing Album+Art series, an offshoot of my Mag+Art project.

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When Doves Cry (single) with Lord Byron by Jan Arkesteijn

Kiss (single) with Prince Albert by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Art Official Age with Lord Byron in Albanian Dress by Thomas Philips

The Hits/The B-Sides with Portrait of a Man by Giovanni Battista Moroni

Controversy with Willy Russ by Ferdinand Hodler

Purple Rain (single) with Day in a tavern by Luis Ricardo Falero

The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale with Café Terrace at Night by Vincent van Gogh

1999 with Portrait of a Young Man (Alessandro de Medici) by Jacopo Pontormo