Sometimes, we don’t realise how lucky we are until we see other people living their lives very differently from us. We tend to complain about trivial things like having to wake up early or not having milk for our cereal, but Chanceline, who’s 7 months into her pregnancy has bigger problems that she faces on a daily basis.

You see, her nearest clinic is 27 kilometers and she usually walks for 5 hours to ensure her baby’s health and well-being. Cordaid documented her walk and live streamed it last Saturday, to raise awareness of the lack of accessible health care services in the world’s poorest countries. The images below will give you some idea on what she has to go through.

More info:

Chanceline starting her 5 hour walk to the clinic

She usually takes short breaks to keep going

With some food and water in hand, she endures the blazing heat

Because of her fragile state, she sometimes need to take longer breaks

Rain or shine, she keeps on walking

She looks on as a vehicle passes her by

She takes shelter from the rain next to a tree, under her umbrella

She places her bag on the top of her head to rest her tired arm

She carefully makes her way through the muddy path

After the arduous walk, she finally gets to the clinic

A woman touches and examines her bump

And assists her inside the clinic

She smiles happily knowing her baby is doing well. We salute you Chanceline and all the mothers out there willing to go above and beyond for their children!