Every now and then a personal project is a must in this creative world of photography. For me, raising awareness about pregnancy and infant loss is a well-known passion of mine. As a NICU nurse and photographer, I utilize my love and skills for families to provide heirloom photography during their time of tragedy. As a volunteer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, I am able to be invited in during a family’s darkest hours. I am invited in to capture the details of their babies that they will cherish for a lifetime. The gift I receive is far greater than the gift I can give back. But, as I have learned from these families, I have grown to realize not enough time is spent talking about pregnancy and infant loss. It is a rather taboo subject for many. And, while I understand talking about loss is uncomfortable, it is also a very important and necessary part in the healing process. 1 in 4 pregnancies will result in miscarriage or stillbirth of their baby. That number is staggering, which means many feel they are not able to share and speak of their loss.

This special series of photos is dedicated to raise awareness about pregnancy and infant loss. These little babies gone too soon through miscarriage, stillbirth or during infancy are the rainbows of this world. They truly are! Many will refer to their siblings that follow them as Rainbow Babies, but I feel these babies are also truly the rainbows. These babies allow their families and everyone they touch to gain perspective – perspective that life is a gift, our time is unknown and we need to embrace each and every day. I know, that for me, each baby has touched my heart forever. Each baby has made an impact that guides me in my life. I am truly a better person for having met all of these families. I have been graced with lifelong friends in many of them and, together, we have made a difference for other families by raising awareness or donating our time together. None of which would have happened without their babies.

Please copy the link below to learn about everyone’s journey. I asked families to share whatever they felt comfortable with – long or short but just so they know their voices can be heard. Not all are the same and everyone experiences grief so differently. I hope these personal stories will help shed light on what it may feel like for a family going through the indescribable feelings they encounter during infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss.

More info: lmillerickphoto.com