San Diego resident Jason Hernandez solved the puzzle of how to take the perfect selfie with your dog. Hernandez’s company, Clever Dog Products, is presently Kickstarting the Pooch Selfie, a selfie stick for dogs. Its design is simple: the Pooch Selfie allows you to attach a ball to the top of your phone, keeping your dog’s attention fixated on your camera.

“Pooch Selfie does exactly what it is supposed to do in holding a dog’s attention,” said Hernandez. “It doesn’t change who the dog is, so if you have a bad dog, you have a bad dog.”

The Pooch Selfie has been under development for a year and aims to ship by December 2015. $13 will buy you one of these 3D-printed devices through Kickstarter.

More info: | Kickstarter | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: elitedaily)

Genius Phone Accessory That'll Make Your Dog Pose For The Perfect Selfie

See it in action: