My mom and dad are polar opposites. This comic illustrates those differences.

But despite that, they’ve been married for 40 years.

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My mother used to be pretty blunt

She wasn’t the most affectionate, motherly type. But I could always rely on her to give me straightforward answers.

My father was, and still is, always very pleasant, and not wanting to cause friction or worry with seemingly controversial statements

He’s very intelligent and book smart, so as I’d gotten older, I figured he was just trying to give me answers that he thought wouldn’t upset me. I eventually ended up figuring it out from a book in my elementary school library. The book was Where Did I Come From, by Peter Mayle.

Ma had no time for sentimental or florid explanations

Pop just wanted me to be happy

My mom also warned me about STDs

My dad was right to strict at times

My ex-boyfriend had something going on with an older woman–my high school teacher’s friend. And I found out about it through my high school teacher herself. Oh well. We would eventually leave for the USA anyway: land of Johnny Depp, and that guy from Teen Witch.

Both my parents are hard-working people who went through a lot. So I can understand this sentiment

Despite their difference, they were extremely supportive parents who were there for us all the way