As a nineties kid I could not be more excited about the glorified resurgence of nerddum that has taken place with the launch of Pokémon Go. I can clearly remember 1998 when my six-year-old career ambitions suddenly shifted from astronaut, to Pokémon master. Of course now I’m a copywriter, so neither one of those really panned out, but if some eccentric billionaire decides to bring Pokémon to life in a Jurassic Park themed endeavor, I’ll be the first one on the island. In the meantime, I’m content to relive my childhood catching digital monsters and bring some enjoyment to players with my copywriting skills.

When I saw the impact that the app was having I had the thought that all creatives have, “How can I make this more interesting for everyone?” I wanted to create something physical that would cause players to take a momentary respite from their digital dealings and would allow them to further feel the blend of their favorite game come to life. And thus the Pokémon sign post project was born. Now I’m creating street signs and hanging them all over the city of Boston for the enjoyment of both players and passersby.

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