Artist Geoffrey Drake-Brockman created this interactive light pond for the Perth Childrens Hospital out of 2,080 pixel tubes. This artwork, called “Surface” is part of the “Healing Environment” of the hospital. Even a child in a wheelchair can interact with it!

“Surface” has sensors so when you move underneath it a “virtual stone” is thrown into its “virtual pond” – causing light ripples to spread out and combine. Sometime a virtual beachball is rolled in instead. This artwork gives kids a pond to throw stones into, right in the middle of the hospital!

“Surface” is also the largest interactive light matrix artwork in the world – at over 10 meters long by 4 meters wide, with over 16,000 pixels.

More info:

When the artwork sees you, a virtual stone is thrown into its virtual pond.

The artwork “Surface” is 10 meters long and 4 meters wide

The “Surface” artwork has over 16,000 pixels