I went to yoga classes with my wife and found some poses pretty difficult. After all, I decided that I need to create something new, that may fits all humans with all body types.

I came up with Pin-Up Yoga, more simple and sexy! Red lipstick and glass of wine before start are recommended.

More info: kickstarter.com

Start with make-up and then inhale deeply!

Next: touch your right leg with your right arm, surprise and say “Wow!” You’re doing great!

Put your knees on the floor and lay a little bit.. Have a rest and another glass of wine!

Try to reach your head by your feet. But mind your heels!

Try to twist and reach one more glass of wine..

It’s time to raise one leg and lay on back. But no longer than 30 min.

If you can do that… you can start ordinary yoga classes.

That’s the hardest part. That’s why, you can skip it!

Now, take a rest, and go and buy my first art book on Kickstarter.